Highlighting local musicians

HearSomeMusic provides music lovers a resource to find live shows.  Fans of musicians and music groups can follow them at various venues as they play different shows. Search on your favorite venue or musician to go HearSomeMusic !

We help you keep up with your favorite musicians and groups by showing you where and when they are playing. Check out our calendar options to look for those selected favorite musicians, the venues to visit and dates of the performances.

There is a ton of wonderful, creative musical talent just waiting to be heard. You may have your favorites that you want to follow. Plus there will be others you really need to discover. 

We are continually in touch with musicians and venues to get  updated schedules.

New England Songwriting Competition

Every year, new songwriters seem to come out of nowhere and rise to the top. It’s so exciting to discover great new talent…maybe this is your year!

The New England Songwriting Competition accepts submissions from January 1, 2024 through March 24, 2024. Winners will be announced on April 5th.


Some common questions we receive.

Simply send us a message and a link to your website or a page where you list your shows and we will add you.

We started with musicians and venues on Cape Cod, Massachusetts and will grow organically from there.

We update performance info on an ongoing basis as we receive new performance dates.  In addition, we reach out to both musicians and venues on a quarterly basis to get updates from them.


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